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Learna is designed to enable learning organizations and subject-matter experts create online classes.

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Looking to create online classes?

Learna provides tools and resources to help instructors and organizations that are looking to create robust online learning programs. From structured certificate programs to simple "how-to" courses, we enable you offer your classes to millions of participants online.


Dynamic Content Type

Create engaging online classes in multimedia formats including videos, texts, images, PDFs, and even run live webinars with Learna.

Unlimited Participants

Learna is designed for scale. Our system allows millions of concurrent connections per time so your course's reach is never capped.

Web & Mobile Support

We ensure optimal learning experience on both web and mobile devices. Learna is also optimized to reduce bandwidth and data consumption.

Fully Customizable

We empower everyone with the tools to create great classes however way they want to. You can literally teach anything online with our fully customizable tools.

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Explore Typical Use Cases.

Traditional training institutions looking to create online courses or workshops.

For brick-and-mortar training organizations looking to move their content to the internet and tap into new or already established online audience.

Individual instructors who want to offer online masterclasses.

For industry experts or anyone else looking to create a masterclass (or series of masterclasses) on topics they are knowledgable and/or passionate about.

Groups looking to move their activities online.

For groups with common learning interests who may already be familiar with each other e.g church cell groups, sunday school classes, school study groups, training groups for units/departments within an organization etc.


Learna provides easy-to-use tools for creating and delivering expert masterclasses online. Learna is suitable for learning organizations, individual instructors, especially industry experts, who are looking to create online programs.

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What course developers think.

"Learna allows me the flexibility I need while also providing the tools that help me create comprehensive courses that are engaging and fulfilling for my participants."

Wela Mlokoti, Founder, Legal Eagles SA.

Legal Eagles SA on Slatecube

Here's how it works.

1. Create a Learna profile.

Our easy-to-use setup tools will help you create an instructor profile that showcases your very best - either as an organization or as an individual instructor. It will then take you to your dashboard and show you how it works.

2. Design a new program.

Create and/or upload online courses on just about any topic. Learna supports content in multiple formats including video, pdf, image and plain text. You can also freely edit course materials until you're satisfied.

3. Publish your class.

You've done the hardwork of developing a great e-learning content. Learna allows you to publish your classes to millions of users globally at once. Learna is available on any internet-enabled device including laptops and smart phones.

Popular Programs on Slatecube Learna

Topics people are most excited about.

Biz & Entrepreneurship

Develop ideas into startups and startups into profitable businesses. Explore programs that help you build scalable businesses.

Engineering Programs

From wiriting software programs to building aeroplanes, join expert engineering programs to see and learn how things are made.

Faith & Religion

Join faith-based organizations as they share thought-provoking perspective in conversations about the supernatural.

Content Creation

Explore online programs that empower people to become excellent content creators, from the comfort of their homes.

Reach A Global Audience

Learna facilitates knowledge exchange by providing easy-to-use tools for creating and delivering expert masterclasses online. Suitable for learning organizations, individual instructors and subject-matter experts looking to create online classes.